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We get the job done!

Gear box before (top photos) and after (bottom photos) from removal to re-installation in 5 days. Our guys here at Superior Metal Works had to work a lot of OT to get the customer back up and running as quickly as possible. Give us a call if we can help you keep the plant running.

CNC Lathe Machined Parts

Just a handful of the machined parts our CNC lathe produced this past week.  Let us know if our machine or fabrication shop can help you keep things running smoothly.

Gear Box Project

Large Gear BoxA very large gear box we are machining on our large CNC horizontal boring mill. Our machinist standing in front of it gives you a perspective of the size parts we can machine. The gear box is sitting on one of the two tables - each has a 20 ton capacity. We can handle large or small quantity jobs as well as large or small size parts

Working on Smaller Gear Boxes

SmallerGearBoxA smaller gear box that we turned around very quickly for our customer. Our team completely disassembles the old gear box, mic's the fits, shafts and gets all the critical dimensions measured against the specifications. Cost analysis is done regarding what needs to be replaced versus the costs of a new gear box and a proposal is presented to our customers. Give us a call if we can help keep your gear boxes running smoothly.

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