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Repairing A 777 Dump Truck

777DumpFrameRennie Woodall looking at 777 dump frame in need of repair work. This is the dump truck that has tires the size of a regular pickup truck. We made a jig and completed the repair in the shortest amount of time possible, keeping the customer running product on schedule.

Resurfaced Two Automotive Molds

ResurfacedTwoMoldsThis week we resurfaced two large automotive molds for a mold rebuilder. We turned them both around quickly and to our customers satisfaction. Give us a call if you need machining or fabrication done quickly and correctly.

Replaced Worn Out Gear

GearReplacedPinionAfter we've replaced the worn out gear with a new one this is what it looks like. Last step is to coat the metal with a rust inhibitor. Give us a call if we can help you with your heavy equipment repair needs.

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