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Vertical Lift Pump Upgraded

UpgradedVerticalPumpThis is the latest vertical lift water pump we upgraded for a local power plant. We rebuilt this pump using stainless steel and ceramic to increase the life expectancy by more than double at half the cost of a new pump. Our whole team is involved in the upgrading of these pumps, the welders tig the components together and the machinists create new internals out of stainless steel. This picture shows two views of the same pump.

Fixing A Badly Worn Shaft

BadlyWornShaftThis past week we fixed a badly worn shaft. Because of the size and complexity, the shaft had to be repaired onsite. The picture on the left shows the uneven wear on the shaft. It was from 0.05 to 0.075 below specs. This uneven wear was increasing the maintenance costs of the facility. We machined in place the shaft and created a replaceable sleeve. The picture on the right shows the new sleeve (21.25" O.D. x 7") sweated on with approximately 0.005 press. Customer is satisfied with the results & speed we corrected the problem. Give us a call if we can help you with a unique problem.

Rotary Trommel Project

RotaryTrommelA rotary trommel we manufactured for a local recycling plant. This project started with the plant engineer and our designer working together to create the drawings. Our welders took over and built it from the prints. The trommel is 32' in length and 6' in diameter, the material flow through it is approximately 20,000 pounds.

Sometimes Bigger Is Better

SometimesBiggerIsBetterOur CNC horizontal boring mill has the capacity to handle very large parts both is size and mass. The tables hold 20 tons each, and the machine moves 20 ft on the length, 8 ft up and 4 ft out. Here we are machining the fits on a boom.

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