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Cliff Gjertson

FrontPage BioImage CliffPresident, Executive sales & marketing team leader with a track record of consistent successes achieving profitable divisional and business unit revenue and market share growth. Talented at identifying untapped market opportunities or sales processes and responding quickly to market shifts. Respected for aggressively acquiring and developing new accounts, and leading teams to exceed expectations in fast-paced, competitive, and demanding markets.

MBA - Purdue University; B.A. Business Administration, Indiana University

Areas of Expertise:

* Divisional Sales & Marketing Leadership - Established and directed sales and marketing teams across multiple business units in the US, Canada, China and Mexico

* Revenue & Profit Growth - Led sales teams to achieve 45% revenue growth over two years at TrueNorth Steel; 37% at Omni Technologies; and 25% at Miller Logistics, with corresponding increases in net profit.

* New Business Development - Led development of new markets and products for TrueNorth Steel's Structural and Tank business units; created new Key Account Manager role for the P&G account at Omni Technologies, increasing sales to P&G by 30%.

* Production / Sales Interface - Effective at establishing new avenues of communication between production and sales to increase revenues.